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Writing An Effective Job Description

Writing an Effective Job Description The ideal hiring process has a complete lifecycle unto itself. This includes: candidate definition, skills definition, formatting and then finally writing and editing the job description. The whole process must start with getting very clear on whether you need anyone at all. If you really do, then what exactly do

5 Myths About Working With A Recruiter

Myth # 1 Recruiters are HR people Most recruiters (the term recruiter and account manager are used interchangeably here) do not have any formal HR training. Why? Because the recruiter is not an HR professional, but a salesperson. The recruiter manages accounts with different companies, takes their job orders, and finds candidates to fill the

5 Myths About Resume Writing

Myth # 1: Your resume should be limited to one or two pages If you have very little to put on a resume, then maybe you only need one page. This may apply to a new grad, or a person who has had only one role in the field. However, if you have had many